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K. A. Rapold 1942: "My ambition is to get to know all the shingle shapes
that exist in the world, which is why I have traveled to different countries every year.
other countries every year and now know the very different
different shingle shapes in Slovakia, Romania, Bosnia,
Serbia, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Sweden, in the occupied territory of Russia
Russia and, of course, in Austria, Germany and Italy."

Travel reports show that K.A. Rapold repeatedly visited some countries in the years 1941-43
countries repeatedly in order to make preparations for shingle
preparations for large-scale shingle production with official support.

His research was not limited to Europe.
From a letter dated 27.07.1938 it emerges that K.A. Rapold was already
Rapold was already planning "to import Alerze shingles from Chile".

Contacts were also made with the German colonies in Africa at the time
to produce wooden shingles from types of wood that were expected to last longer.
expected to be more durable. It was also planned to import entire
shiploads of wooden shingles from Borneo and Sumatra.

K.A. Rapold lobbied the authorities in Austria and Germany to establish a
to set up a research facility for wooden shingles.                   

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