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Soul of Wood™ emanates a great and unique charisma. Here we show you „open wood“. The inside of the wood, its soul is open and bare. One can see the strength of growth and appreciate its character and power. It is appealing to the eye while light and shade reveal the wood structure. A magnificent miniature landscape unfolds in the relief of the fibers. 

Soul of Wood
™, the „soul“ of wood is a new creative timber product for exclusive interior design or furniture. It is manufactured in Germany by RAPOLD GmbH.

Soul of Wood™ is definitely interesting for architects, interior designers and planners of public buildings. Soul of Wood™ will also create new design incentives for store construction, kitchen design, furniture design and living space design. 

Soul of Wood
™ are timber elements in a handy format that are laid in a distinctive pattern, used for wall and ceiling lining.

Soul of Wood™ will be installed by carpenters and furniture producers and is an enrichment to all who enjoy wood around them and love the exclusive.
Soul of Wood™ immediately creates a healthy indoor climate and looks very attractive. 
We are talking about nature, about wood from centuries-old trees with roots deeply anchored in the ground – sometimes even grown over rocks. These trees have been hardened by sun, rain, storm, ice and snow.

Soul of Wood™ incorporates everything a tree has received through its leaves and roots as it grew and became mighty fiber by fiber. All their life the leaves absorbed sunlight, rain and clean, healthy air and passed this on to the wood.
Soul of Wood™ reflects all this power and vibrancy. 

Soul of Wood™ is unique in every aspect. No element is like another – each is unique!